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lynrawweb.jpg lynrestoredweb.jpg
This photograph was taken in the early 1960s at a discount store. It was poorly processed, and had lost most of the color information, requiring hand coloring of all areas of the shot.
NOTE: Many photos which LOOK color-shifted still still retain all the original color information, and can be re-balanced very easily. Rarely do we encounter any this badly decomposed. We need to have the original photo to determine the amount of color information which remains, and give you a fair estimate.

This was a wallet photo which had been laminated, and had become quite scratched over the years. We enlarged the shot, removed the scratches, brought back detail on the figure, darkened and soft-focussed the background.

At Home Tip: Try rubbing a tiny amount of olive oil or clear furniture polish on a scratched lamination. It helps a lot!

Kurland-smlWEB.jpg kurland2finalweb.jpg
This was a highly complex retouching job. The sons wanted a formal portrait of their deceased father. They wanted a new, studio-style background, the suit straightened, glare removed from the glasses, tie straightened, hand removed from shoulder, and some general balancing of skin tone. Further, the sons wanted the final photograph to be 11x14. The original of 3 people was about 5x7.
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