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The following are some examples of documents which can be saved by scanning and repairing a copy. In many cases, older documents will have faded. We can heighten the contrast and bring up information which has faded, and then save the digitized document for your archives. Your reprints will be on ARCHIVAL quality papers, rated to last 100+ years! Don't forget that copies of wills, health care directives, etc can be saved onto a cd for distribution to your family, lawyer, doctor - etc.

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Note: Historic Squire Boone Document shown courtesy of the owner: Colonel Judson Shook, a Boone descendant.
ABOVE: Before & After Detail Views

An historic document written and signed by Squire Boone, relative of Daniel Boone.
A technical restoration; Color balanced, handwriting enhanced but other signs of age left per owner's direction. In order to enhance the handwriting ONLY and leave the background as is, we had to go over every stroke manually. Original 5x8 with additional matting background added (full matting not shown).

Here is a detail area showing part of a signature from a restored water-damaged document:

Note: "COPY" has been put across these document examples and/or information blurred, altered or deleted.

A hospital birth certificate from the late 1940s.
A simple restoration; Color balanced, copy strengthened, seal highlighted to show more detail. Original 8x10

An official state birth certificate. Again, a simple restoration. Original approx 5x7
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