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Here are a few examples of animal and landscape scenes which can be altered for brightness, cropped, color enhanced, objects removed, etc.

Tip: Often we take shots that we think will be beautiful, only to be disappointed when the print comes back. PhotoMD can FIX that - bring up the color you remember, crop in to enlarge, take out distracting objects, darken or lighten areas to focus attention on what YOU want to see. Read more FAQs!

Photo of race horse was water damaged, torn with missing areas and had glass stuck to it. Original 8x10.

Alamo loggia Alamo Loggia
Removed people from shot, brightened, reconstructed walkway, etc. Original 8x10.

Two Giraffes in Fla. Two Giraffes in Fla.
Crop in, make sky bluer, darken trees and edge of front, sharpen and brighten 5x7.

Grand Canyon: North Rim Grand Canyon: North Rim, BW
Convert to Black and white after some minor color adjustment to original 8x10 (original not shown here).

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