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PhotoMD: Web Design, Development and E-Commerce Services

PhotoMD is proud to present examples of our web design. With experience working on the internet since 1992, PhotoMD provides clear and concise project management, information architecture, copywriting services, custom artwork, Logo Design (all websites here except Sweet Streets), website concept, design, creation and implementation. We take your ideas and create a business or personal website designed to custom fit your requirements.

Our design and creation process begins with a thorough analysis of your business needs; we then deliver a comprehensive look and plan designed to provide a clear, easily navigable site which showcases your business, gets you noticed, and brings you new and repeat customers.

PhotoMD delivers - elegance, clarity, functionality and simplicity - making it EASY for your customers to visit and find exactly what they are seeking. Once your site is completed, PhotoMD can also provide maintenance services so you're always up, running and reaching your target audience!

PhotoMD will create your website as small or as large as you like. From a single small business page to a full-blown Internet E-Commerce store, PhotoMD is ready to help you achieve your goals. One of the beauties of a website is its fluid nature. You can add and remove items and pages on as frequent a basis as you like - and your changes appear instantly!

PhotoMD also offers complete customized programming services for internet and intranet uses. For example, we created an application for Virginia Spine Institute which brought all patient exams into their database, and provide detailed information on each patient instantly upon request. We created another web application for ServStar of Tampa, disaster recovery specialists, which brought together all the information needed to organize and direct their staff on a per job basis, provide full reporting for insurances and integrate all aspects of the business from payroll through Human Resources administration.

Besides PHOTOMD and GALLERIAONE, websites we have created or worked on with other companies include:
Personal interest:
  • Philosoraptor
  • Business:
  • Sweet Street Desserts
  • Goodville Mutual Life Insurance Co.
  • Neufeld Computer Services
  • Email us today for information or give us a call at 610-692-3210. Schedule a consultation and let us show you why PhotoMD is your best choice for quality and affordablity when it comes to realizing your internet needs!

    Neufeld Computer Services Neufeld Computer Services
    Lebanon County Earned Income Tax Home Page SweetStreet professionals page A SweetStreet Catalog page
    Energion Home Page - click to visit

    Philosoraptor Home Page - click to visit

    About the examples shown here:

    For Energion, we created a logo from the owner's 'triangle' concept, then the full site design and creation of several hundred subpages. We do not maintain the site, so there are a number of differences there now. For example, our design did not include all the advertising that is used there now, and the type sizes were consistent.

    For Philosoraptor: Site design, logo design, page creation and maintenance. About 50 pages. This is an example of an opinion site.

    For Neufeld Computer Services: Site design and creation. Again we do not maintain this website, so some things have changed from our original design.

    For LebEIT - Lebanon County Earned Income Tax: Home page design and creation, pdf creation. This website was designed to make assorted earned income tax forms available to the consumer. We are able to make pdf files of any form, which is then available to save on the user's personal computer, and used from there. (For Weidenhammer, Inc.)

    For Sweet Streets Desserts, in Reading, PA: Sub page designs and creation. Also photography services (see examples on Location Photography) (for Weidenhammer, Inc.)

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